Free Dining is now available.

Hey all,

This morning, Facebook exploded with guests and TA’s alike exclaiming that the free dining promo was released earlier today.

As some of you know, I am an advocate of “doing the math” when it comes to the dining plan and seeing if it works for you.  With that said, check out a few tips that may help you decide if this is for you:

  • If you are going to get the free dining promo, know that you room will not be discounted.  AP holders are not eligible unless you get a full package and DVC members staying on points are, as usual, not eligible.
  • Compare apples to apples.
    • With the dining plan, include the room (full rack rate)+ required tickets + Dining plan + Food budget for what the DDP does not cover + tax
    • Without the dining plan, include the room (discounted?)+ your ticket price (because some may get tickets via a discounter) + total food budget (you might have to do some research here) + tax
  • See if your resort is eligible.  Some are excluded.  (There are always exclusions.)
  • See if your dates are eligible.
  • Know which DDP you will get with your resort stay.  They changed things in the past and from what I read, those in Moderate resorts will get the quick service plan, not the regular DDP as in the past.  That is a big change if you ask me and you need to consider that.  This is something you have to consider in your calculations.

Overall, some say that getting the free dining for a family of four is a good value than a room discount + paying out of pocket.  That may be true, but you need to consider a few other things:

  • Use it or loose it.  You have to use all your credits -and use them wisely – in order to get a good value out of them.  (Example, use a table service credit at a place like Beaches and Cream, and you will use value because its not all that expensive.)  This includes snacks as well.  You don’t want to end your trip with two dozen snacks left.
  • You will need ADR’s for sure if you are not using the Quick Service dining plan.  That means that you need to make those ADR’s the minute they become available to get the best choices.  Yes, I know that you can still get good ADR’s later, but the DDP tends to dramatically increase demand for both DDP users and non users alike.
  • Table service dining takes time… about an hour per meal, give or take.  Its something to consider if you are under a strict timeline.

Still interest you and you want to know if you can book a trip with the free dining promo? Head over to and see what they can do to help you plan an awesome trip!

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